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Name Role E-mail Projects
Betensky, Rebecca, Ph. D. Biostatistician CGN, DF/HCC
Boyd, Kristina, SB Clinical Data Abstractor RCGR
Chan, James, MA Biostatistician JChan1@MGHIHP.EDU AS/ATN
Finkelstein, Dianne, Ph. D. Director, CGN PI, RCGR PI CGN, DF/HCC, Catalyst, CRP, Autism
Hayden, Douglas, MA Biostatistician GLUE, Catalyst
Healy, Brian, Ph. D. Biostatistician Neurology, ECOR
Hintlian, Carolyn, MBA, MPH Administrative Manager Center Staff
Horick, Nora, MS Biostatistician CGN, RCGR, EDRN, DF/HCC
Lagakos, Adrian, BA Data Manager GLUE
Lee, Hang, Ph. D. Biostatistician Catalyst, CRP, DF/HCC, ROMICATII
Macklin, Eric, Ph. D. Biostatistician CRP, Neurology, Catalyst
Morse, Richard, BA System Administrator Center Staff
Muzikansky, Alona, MA Biostatistician DF/HCC, HNDC
Oldmixon, Katie, RN Research Nurse ARDS
Parker, Robert ("Bob"), Sc.D. Director of Biometry, MPEC MPEC
Pedrin, Jenna, BA Clinical Research Coordinator I PETAL, ATN, RCGR
Ringwood, Nancy, RN, CCRA Project Manager ARDS
Schoenfeld, David, Ph. D. ARDS PI ARDS, GLUE, NEALS, Catalyst, CRP, ROMICATII
Skates, Steven, Ph. D. EDRN PI CGN, EDRN
Thompson, B. Taylor, MD ARDS Co-PI ARDS
Vangel, Mark, PhD Biostatistician Catalyst, GLUE
Yeap, Beow, Sc. D. Biostatistician CGN, DF/HCC, Proton
Zheng, Hui, Ph. D. Biostatistician DF/HCC (GI), Diabetes, Anesthesia, Catalyst, CRP