/* Linear Regression of BMI on Age */

filename t01 url 'http://hedwig.mgh.harvard.edu/biostatistics/sites/default/files/public/education/tmp_sample_data.csv';

proc import file=t01 out=t01 dbms=csv replace;

ods listing select solutionf;

proc mixed data=t01;
model bmi=age /s;

/********************************** ANNOTATED RESULTS **********************************/

                               The Mixed Procedure

                            Solution for Fixed Effects

         Effect       Estimate       Error     DF    t Value    Pr > |t|

        Intercept     18.5462      1.3783      58      13.46      <.0001
        age           0.1595a     0.02825     58       5.65      <.0001b
a Slope: change in BMI per unit change in age
b P-value indicating slope is significantly different than zero